CMG in China showed the way for a vendor-neutral IP system with Ikegami

Ikegami, a global leader in broadcast cameras and trusted partner in media solutions, has delivered 26 sets of IP 4K/HD cameras to CMG(China Media Group)in Beijing, China.

In early April 2023, China Media Group (CMG), received 26 sets of Media-over-IP interface modules to upgrade the UHK-430 4K/HD Cameras previously deployed in the entertainment studios at CMG. This modernization would transform the SDI-based studio infrastructure into a flexible and efficient IP-based system. CMG had this intention already in 2019 when they chose the UHK-430 for its breathtaking picture quality, rooted in Ikegami's extensive pursuit and experience in 4K and 8K UHD technology. They were also aware that this decision constituted a future-proof investment.

It was a groundbreaking and pioneering project in China – constructing a fully IP-based broadcast system comprising devices from diverse vendors, unlike the earlier cases that had to be dependent on a specific manufacturer who holds a strong influence over the entire project.
At the outset of the upgrade project, the extent of interoperability ensured by the vendors, including Ikegami, posed a big question for CMG. Yet, it became evident that a multitude of devices from various manufacturers could seamlessly congregate and interlink under the ST2110 and ST2022-7 standards. The handling of the vast amount of packets for the uncompressed video, audio, and various ancillary data is flawless and perfectly synchronized by the precision time protocol (PTP) technology, defined by SMPTE ST2059. The full compliance to the open standards, such as ST2110, ST2022-7, NMOS, and ST2059, act as a cohesive element, seamlessly integrating every component into its designated position to perform the intended function.

The facility completed the modernization at Studios E02/E03 and started the transmission of its program. Studios E02/E03 primarily cater to the production of entertainment programs, and E01 Studio will also be follow the modernization in the near future. Anticipating the need to adapt the studio facilities for varying purposes, sizes, and configurations of program production, the IP-based system's advantages will be fully harnessed to dynamically alter the studio's setup.

The pioneering move heralds a departure from the traditional dependency on a single manufacturer, allowing for harmonious integration of devices from diverse vendors, thereby unlocking unprecedented creative potential. As broadcasters worldwide witness the success story of CMG's modernization project, the era of vendor-neutral IP solutions emerges as a beacon of possibility, guiding the industry toward a future defined by limitless creativity and unparalleled efficiency.

About CMG

China Media Group is a state-owned media conglomerate based in the People's Republic of China. It was formed on 31 March, 2018, through the merger of China Central Television (CCTV), China Radio International (CRI), China National Radio (CNR), and China Global Television Network (CGTN). The merger was part of the Chinese government's efforts to promote communication and mutual understanding on the global stage.

China Media Group operates various media platforms, including television, radio, and online content, and it is considered one of the primary channels through which the Chinese government communicates with its domestic and international audiences. It broadcasts news, entertainment, cultural programs, and documentaries, among other content, both in Mandarin and other languages to reach a global audience.

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