Ikegami’s ESG/SDGs Initiatives

Since our founding, we have delivered broadcasting system products to customers around the world with IP&T (Image, Process and Transmission) technology as our core. It's a common thing now and you may not realize it, but now you can almost instantly receive at your home and share videos of various sports events, as well as news, information and entertainment from around the world.

This contributes to a global reduction in physical travel and the pollutant emissions associated with travel. It also saves time and expense.

In fields other than broadcasting systems, we offer security monitoring systems that keep an eye on the safety and security of society, medical imaging systems including 8K technology that contribute to the quality and efficiency of medical care, and various industrial process inspection tools that contribute to improving the quality of our customers' products. We have developed these solution businesses in various fields and contributed to the realization of a sustainable society.

Over the medium to long term, we will strive to further develop technological innovations and contribute to the resolution of social issues, and also including supply chains, work to reduce the environmental impact, respect human rights, develop diverse human resources, and foster a corporate culture that complies with laws and regulations, by which we aim to improve our corporate value


Specific ESG initiatives and SDGs

As a professional organization in information communication and imaging, Ikegami Tsushinki Company Limited is earnestly addressing various issues facing the world and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through business activity.


Business Activity

  • ・Introduction of ISO environmental management system
  • ・Reduction of carbon dioxide emission
  • ・Introduction of solar power generation equipment
  • ・Reduction of copy paper usage
  • ・Introduction of high-efficiency air conditioners
  • ・Adoption of low-energy LED lighting
  • ・Preservation of Fujisawa killifish
  • ・Compliance with RoHS regulation program Products


  • ・Development and sales of honeycomb catalyst inspect equipment
  • ・Development and sales of environmental care products

Solar power generation at the Utsunomiya Production Center


Business Activity

  • ・Proactive information disclosure
  • ・Board diversity
  • ・Establishment of RC committee and office of internal audit