Latest-Generation Full HD medical video product line

Ikegami has decades of experience in developing high-end medical video systems. Our newest products in are improved successors of long time bestsellers: 

The MKC-X200 employs a 1/2.8-type color CMOS sensor in the camera head, has improved sensitivity to F11 (when Line Mix is OFF), and delivers brighter images than the previous model, making it ideal for medical purpose. 
Because the camera head is compact and lightweight, it is suitable for use in operating theatres, in microsurgery and in examination rooms. The front panel and OSD menu have been improved for easier control. The new model is designed for use in a variety of clinical applications, as adapted OEM product or standalone video camera.


The MKC-X300 is a highly versatile Full HD camera suitable for transmitting and recording images that are required in the clinical environment. 
The compact and lightweight camera head consists of a small optical prism and the latest 1/2.8-inch CMOS imager. It is suitable for use where space is limited, such as surgical microscopy. An all-purpose model, it delivers high image quality, including 63 dB S/N ratio, and can reproduce color faithfully thanks to 16-axis chroma-correction. A high sensitivity of F13 at 2000 lux enables the camera to produce clear images even in low-light surgery.


The MLW-2760C is a 27-inch LCD monitor that delivers high image quality including accurate color reproduction. 
Its LED backlight enables maximum brightness of 900 cd/m2. The high-resolution full HD panel can display 1,073,740,000 colors, enabling faithful quality in combination with the MKC-X300. PIP and POP screen division functions are included. The protective panel and chassis are integrated into a flat structure with no gap between the front bezel and LCD panel. The monitor is drip-proof and easy to clean.


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