2017.6.26TV Asahi - Tokyo, Japan - AbemaNews chooses Ikegami production and automatic distribution system for 24-hour internet news broadcasting

Internet television station "AbemaTV"

Ikegami Tsushinki has delivered to TV Asahi a content production system plus an automatic news programme distribution solution for the AbemaNews channel operated by the AbemaTV internet television service. The project centred on the integration of multiple broadcasting products into a core system including redundancy for operational security. Matched closely to the needs of the news net-work's production and distribution requirements, it delivers real-time video for easy viewing.

What "AbemaTV" is.

Ocris operation room
Editing room

A freely accessible internet television service, AbemaTV is co-financed by TV Asahi and Cyber Agent. Viewers can watch using a personal computer, tablet or internet-connected television receiver via the abema.tv internet portal. AbemaTV can also be viewed on smartphones by downloading the AbemaTV app. AbemaTV currently operates about 25 channels which collectively cover a wide range of genres including news and animation. AbemaTV programmes are streamed in accordance with a playout schedule published for each channel. Viewers have the option of registering as Abema video subscribers which gives on-demand access to programmes on a flexibly timed catchup basis.

Automatic program distribution system “Ocris” was delivered for AbemaNews

HC-HD300 at EX-Keyakizaka studio

In March 2016 Ikegami Tsushinki delivered three HC-HD300 camera systems and a CSS-400 compact switcher to the Ex Keyakazaka live distribution studio where the AbemaNews pro-grammes are produced. The studio was opened as planned just one month later, in April 2016.

The deciding factor in the choice of the Ikegami HC-HD300 cameras was their ability to deliver broadcast quality at an affordable price. The companion Ikegami CSS-400 vision switcher occu-pies a compact 1U and is equipped with 18 inputs plus 9 outputs, two mix/effects buses, four keyers, six-channel resizing and a substantial range of peripheral functions (including frame synchronisation and a multiviewer). All these devices are being put to full use active by AbemaNews.

Ikegami Tsushinki also developed a complete programme delivery system which can meet vari-ous needs and contributes to the development of diverse media.

CSS-400 console panal

Automatic news programme distribution system and content production system

Automatic program controllerOcris 2 A/B lines
Matrix switcherHSM-32321   
Video server MediaPort2 3ch x In/Out ( harmonic )
MediaCenter 1 server 24TB ( harmonic )
Contents serverInterplay4 (include back-up line) ( Avid )
AirSpeed|55001 1x (4ch x In/Out) ( Avid )
ISIS|5500 2 x 16TB: Real capacity 22TB ( Avid )
Media Composer3x Non-linear editing system (Avid)