Devoncroft Survey Confirms Ikegami as a Brand Opinion Leader

Tokyo, JAPAN, April 1, 2022 – – A recently published report summarising a large-scale study by Devoncroft Partners LLC confirms Ikegami as one of the global media industry’s 45 brand opinion leaders.

Each year, Devoncroft conducts a Big Broadcast Survey in co-operation with several thousand media professionals across more than 100 countries. Source information is collected through an interactive on-line research instrument. To ensure global response, the survey is conducted in ten languages. The latest edition, covering 2021, is a comprehensive study which reports on many aspects of the broadcast media business. These include global trends in broadcast technology and the broadcast market, customer attitudes towards vendors, purchase intent, buying behavior and product updates.

BBS 2021 surveys 111 media technology brands, reported in three categories; Global Markets; Global Brands; Products.

Much of the feedback is based on long-term user experience. Ikegami is recognised in the report’s top 30 vendor brands across five categories: Quality; Reliability; Great customer service; Stability; and Easy to work with.


In the 27 separate Product Reports, Ikegami is listed in the ENG Camera and Studio/System Camera categories among the top five brand leaders in all regions (Global/EMEA/Asia Pacific/Americas).

Ikegami continues with its strategy of developing and delivering products and services which deliver maximum customer satisfaction in terms of value, quality, versatility and reliability.