In response to the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), Ikegami has implemented teleworking.

2020 April.3, We aim to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and to ensure the safety and health of our employees. We have been taking a staggered commute or taking a special vacation, banning overseas business trips entirely, and refraining from urgent domestic business trips, etc. Measures have been taken, but the number of infected people in the Tokyo metropolitan area has increased rapidly and the governor of Tokyo has requested to work from home on weekdays.
In response to the request, we put the safety and security of our business partners and other related parties and our employees. From April 6th (Monday) to end date, undecided, most of our offices in Japan and overseas that are eligible for business, we decided to implement telework from time to time.

We apologize for this temporary inconvenience and ask for your understanding. For a while, our services will be limited, but if you have any issue, please feel free to contact us by this contact form.

Ikegami Tsushinki Co. Ltd.