HDK-73 now in operation for 24 hours HD broadcasting at Kuban 24 in Krasnodar, Russia

    Digital Satellite TV Station Kuban 24, locating Krasnodar, Southern Russia, has selected 8 sets of Ikegami HDK-73 colour camera with the combination of BSF-300L Base Station.

    Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd., has quite a few users in Russia, now Kuban-24 is joining the list. The 8 sets has been equipped for studio operation for 24 hours HD broadcasting.

    HDK-73 employs three 2.6 megapixel high-performance CMOS Image Sensors capable of capturing full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. Along with a wide dynamic range of more than 600% (HDR), this camera captures images with SNR of 60dB or more, and high sensitivity of F13 (50Hz) that produces excellent picture quality and colour reproduction.

    The combined Base Station BSF-300L has SMPTE connectors for fiber cable connection to accept SMPTE hybrid cables. The lightweight and compact size (1.5 RU) offers flexibility in various application such as any studio, mobile truck, or portable flypack.

    “For this HD equipment project, we had several candidates other than Ikegami, but after the demonstrations we made a choice in favor of Ikegami HDK-73. The main criteria that determined our choice were, among other things, the quality of camera picture and the reputation of Ikegami as a manufacturer of very reliable equipment. The technical capabilities of the equipment and the convenience of operation with new cameras allowed us to make an easy transition to high definition broadcasting. “ Said Mr. Denis Moskalenko, Technical Director.

    Its installation was broadcasted in news program in Kuban 24, and it can be watched in YouTube.

    With this first delivery of HDK-73 system, new relationship between both companies have been established. We, Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd., will contribute the program production in the world by offering the system with high operability.

Kuban 24: Kuban-24 is the main regional TV-channel of the Krasnodar region located Southern Russia, broadcasting 24 hours.