Ikegami introduces newly developed 4K medical-grade monitors

 4K 31.1-inch medical grade LCD monitor

 4K 31.1-inch medical grade stereoscopic LCD monitor
 MLW-3110U Type3D  


Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd. announces the development of two new 31.1 inch medical-grade 4K-UHD LCD video monitors: the MLW-3110U and the stereoscopic MLW-3110U Type 3D.

Both are equipped with a selection of 4K inputs to allow easy connectivity. These comprise an HDMI 2.0, 12G-SDI and Quad-Link (3G-SDI). Each monitor has 4K display panel with high brightness and high contrast. Square Division / Two Sample Interleave is adopted as the 4K video input interface. 3G / HD / SD-SDI and DVI-D inputs are also provided.

The MLW-3110U and MLW-3110U Type 3D can display images from operating theatres laboratories and training presentations in ultra high definition (4096 pixel triads x 2160) and contribute to the further advancement of medical imaging.

The Ikegami MLW-3110U employs an IPS panel with high brightness (525 cd / m2) and high contrast (1500:1). It boasts a wide viewing angle of 178° for both horizontal and ver-tical, as well as power-saving LED backlighting.

The Ikegami MLW-3110U Type 3D is a 4K wide colour stereoscopic LCD monitor allowing viewers to perceive depth information from live or recorded stereoscopic video sources. It has the same functions and capabilities as the MLW-3110U, reproducing realistic images at high brightness. The stereoscopic display is compatible with 3D from two 3G-SDI input channels and side-by-side (half) 3D with 3G-SDI / HDMI / DVI-D via one input.

Both monitors offer a wide range of connectivity features including 4K camera, recorder and PC interfaces. They are also equipped with a 1920 pixel triads x 1080 to 4K-UHD up-convert function allowing very clear display of high definition images. Additional capabili-ties include picture-in-picture as well as four-source multi-image display. Up/down/left/right flip display are also supported, all of which can be very useful in the medical field.

Ikegami continues to set the highest quality standards of image reproduction, contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge.

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