2017/11/13 – 11/16 

Ikegami Demonstrates new MKC Medical Grade Camera Platform at Medica 2017


Ikegami will demonstrate its new MKC 4K Camera platform on Medica 2017. This includes newly designed CCU to drive 4K native 1-CMOS Head, and additionaly several different 4K and HD heads like “3-CMOS 4K, 3-CMOS Full-HD and a unique 4-CMOS HD camera head for ICG applications”.

First camera in Ikegami´s series of medical cameras based on MKC 4K Camera platform is a 4K-native progressive-scan 1-CMOS model with an ultra-compact head designed to be operated from a remote CCU. Features include ultra-high sensitivity, dynamic contrast correction, plus image correction. This marks the beginning of Ikegami´s new camera generation for microscopy and endoscopy in native 4K resolution.

The CCU incorporates a completely new processing board with very compact measurements, requiring much smaller space in integrated solutions. This board size reduction, combined with the ability to drive several different camera heads in 4K and Full HD resolution, makes Ikegami’s new camera platform an ideal product for a variety of OEM applications including endoscopy and microscopy.

In addition, the unique construction of the output boards allows maximal flexibility in the creation of OEM camera solutions based on the MKC 4K Camera platform. OEM designers have complete freedom to create either one universal CCU serving different heads, even in hot-plug configuration, or to serve several cameras with fixed heads. The new platform provides flexible choice of 4K monitors connectivity ahead of an industry standard for 4K output being defined.

Besides known 4K outputs such as 4xHD-SDI and HDMI 2.0, Ikegami´s new MKC 4K Camera platform also provides 4K output in 12G SDI. This signal format comes from the professional broadcast sector and allows 4K connection over a single coax cable for long distances without signal quality loss. This implementation confirms Ikegami as a leading company both in high-end broadcasting and medical video technologies.

“These new cameras are ideal for capturing the precise colour and image detail of surgical operations,” comments Zeljko Romanic, Industrial & Medical Video Division Manager at Ikegami Electronics (Europe) GmbH. “The MKC 4K Camera platform is designed for easy setup by medical staff, allowing the entire system to operate automatically. Each camera head in the product series can be mounted on a light weight support stand or boom. The combination of 4K UHD ultra-high resolution imaging and the enhanced dynamic range display capabilities of our latest monitors greatly increase the quality threshold now possible in video signal reproduction.”

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